Gold standard Fire Safety Specialists

Gold standard Fire Safety Specialists

We're an experienced team built from current and retired fire fighters delivering gold standard fire safety services in the UK

Tower Fire Group was born out of a passion to deliver the highest quality fire safety solutions on the market today. We believe in empowering individuals to make the right choices to save peoples lives when the time comes. We achieve this through delivering Gold Standard training and bringing innovative products to the market that maximise fire safety in the workplace.



Tower Fire is the ONLY Fire Safety Training Provider in the UK solely dedicated to the Care Home Sector. By specialising in this field, we offer the highest level of fire safety training, bespoke to your care home and have a range of products to meet your needs including

  • On Site Training
  • An Interactive DVD
  • E-learning
  • Fire Extinguisher and eqipment services

Our professional fire safety instructors are current serving & recently retired Fire-fighters enabling you to have the best fire safety training available within the UK

The importance of Fire Safety Regulations

A recent prosecution in South Yorkshire highlights why you need Care Home Fire Training;

 Terry  Guthrie of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

These breaches were so serious that had there been a fire at the home there was a real danger that residents would have been seriously injured or worse. Care homes are responsible for the safety of vulnerable residents and they need to adhere to Fire Safety Regulations. Where we find these regulations are not followed we will take swift action.

A Director of the Care Home concerned said:
We have always prided ourselves in being an excellent care home. We were unaware of the change of stance of the fire service from advising to enforcing and we feel we were given little support during the process. I feel that the only way to avoid such action in future is to employ Fire Safety Professionals to advise us.

This prosecution quite clearly highlights why you need to choose The Fire Safety Professionals at Care Home Fire Training for you home and staff.