Fire Risk Assessments for Care Homes

Fire Risk Assessments for Care Homes

What is a fire risk assessment?

This is the central plank of the new fire Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and every care home must have one.

It is the first piece of documentation the enforcing authority will ask for, and insurance companies even refuse to honour claims if this is not in place. It’s vital for compliance with fire legislation in care homes.

Our fire risk assessment service:

  • Documented analysis of the risks from fire

  • Risk to life and property from fire

  • Personal emergency evacuation plan’s (peep’s)

  • Means of escape

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Signs and safety notices

  • Staff training and fire drills.

  • Security with regard to arson.

All of the above must be carried out annually or when alterations are made to:
The building, i.e. Extensions or change of use, Number of employees, Installation of new equipment.

All audits are carried out by our vastly experienced fire safety officers, who have over 20 years experience in the British fire service and a degree in fire safety.

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